27 June 2017

We have reached an exciting milestone in Randwick with the track slab in Zone 24, Alison Road between Darley Road and Wansey Road, now completed. This is one of the first zones to reach the end of track installation, with over 1.5km of single track laid in this zone alone. With the track slab now wrapped up, construction on the Wansey Rd stop can get underway.

Track installation in the Randwick area is an important step towards the testing and commissioning of the light rail system. The first test runs will take place later this year from the Randwick Stabling Yard near Doncaster Avenue where construction of the operational control centre and maintenance facility is well advanced.

In the coming months work will start on installing poles and overhead wires, followed by work to install communications, signalling and electrical cables in the ground. Once the infrastructure is in place we will move into energisation of parts of the route and then testing and commissioning.

Track installation continued during June at the intersection of Alison and Darley Roads, where the track crosses the intersection from one side of the road to the other. It has been a major challenge installing track at this key intersection and is a significant milestone as work progresses well along Alison Road.

Construction of a retaining wall in Randwick Racecourse, near Wansey Road, is nearing completion and will be followed by track slab installation in the area.

In High Cross Park, excavation of the underground substation has now been completed and our machinery removed in preparation for construction of the facility. The substation is being constructed underground in response to community feedback.