First track for Surry Hills

1 May 2017

The first track was laid in Surry Hills over the Easter long weekend at the intersection of Elizabeth and Devonshire Streets. The team took advantage of the lower traffic volumes to install the track, minimising disruption to weekday traffic at the busy intersection.

Over the four days the team excavated the road surface, carefully placed the rail and concreted it into place, and finished the road surface around the track, ready for traffic to return on the Tuesday morning.

Throughout Surry Hills the team is working hard under the road surface on an extensive program of utility investigation and relocation that will make way for the light rail. Devonshire Street is an important thoroughfare for water, gas and electrical services, particularly those leading to Central Station. Good progress is being made on the utilities, in preparation for track installation in the second half of the year.

In late April, work started along the boundary of the apartment buildings near Ward Park. This work includes vegetation and utility work, demolition of existing retaining walls and letterboxes, and construction of a pathway.