First light rail tracks coming to Randwick

29 November 2016

Preparation is underway for the arrival of the first light rail tracks in Randwick in the coming weeks. Track slab construction has now commenced on Alison Road, between Darley and Wansey roads, marking a significant milestone for light rail in Randwick. The first tracks will be installed in the area in the new year.

A new, temporary shared path is now in place on Alison Road between Anzac Parade and Darley Road, to allow pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely around construction activities. The busway in this zone has been closed temporarily to facilitate light rail work in the area. During December, sheet-piling will take place to construct a temporary retaining wall to protect upcoming track slab excavation.

A new retaining wall is now in place on Wansey Road, along the boundary of the Australian Turf Club. Work will now focus on excavation for the track slab, in preparation for installation of light rail tracks in the coming months.

In High Cross Park, enabling work has now commenced for the construction of an underground substation. The High Cross Park cenotaph memorial statue will not be directly impacted by the light rail works.

The next Randwick Light Rail Community Forum will be held on Thursday 8 December between 5.30pm and 7pm at Randwick City Library in the shopping centre on Belmore Road. Please drop by to meet the team, view our latest maps and have all your light rail questions answered.