CBD work progresses

4 October 2017

More than 2km of track is now in place in the CBD and construction is forging ahead in two key zones – on George Street between Park and Market Streets, and between Market and King Streets.

In these areas, the bulk of the track and track slab is in place and there are only small sections left to be installed as part of intersection work. The ‘third rail’ – the ground level power supply for light rail vehicles which will run from Circular Quay through to Town Hall – is also close to completion in these zones.

A milestone has been reached in the progress of the paving being laid alongside the light rail track, with 2,000 square metres now in place.

At the moment, these pavers can be seen on George Street between Grosvenor and Alfred Streets – where nearly 1,000 square metres have been laid. The remainder are in place on George Street between King and Park Streets. Eventually, around 26,000 square metres of pavers will be laid in the city centre, stretching from Circular Quay through the pedestrianised area to Town Hall.

Along with the light rail stops designed by leading architects Grimshaw and the third rail, these pavers are part of a world-class urban design for Sydney’s new pedestrianised boulevard.

While the track and pavers are a great sign of the progress to date, work is continuing through the many underground utilities that need to be protected, relocated or replaced in the CBD. This includes water mains, gas mains and conduits to carry power cables.

In the coming months, significant work will take place in and around the intersection of Campbell and George Streets. Traffic changes will also be implemented in the northern part of the CBD, with Hunter Street to become two-way as part of the work for light rail.