Anzac Parade diversions allow for light rail construction

16 February 2016

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast today advised drivers of traffic changes on Anzac Parade from April, to allow for construction of the CBD and South East Light Rail tunnel in Moore Park.

Ms Prendergast said a new plan for building the light rail tunnel under Anzac Parade will significantly reduce the construction duration and impact on traffic.

“From April, work will begin on a temporary six-lane road adjacent to Anzac Parade between Lang Road and the Albert Tibby Cotter Bridge, which will be used by vehicles while the light rail tunnel is being built,” Ms Prendergast said.

“By temporarily diverting traffic we will reduce the planned construction time to less than a year. Previously, it was proposed to build the two sides of the tunnel in separate phases, which would have taken at least 16 months.

“The diversion has been under a lot of consideration and we decided that it makes a lot of sense as reducing the impact on traffic is a priority.

“Drivers and bus customers from the east should allow extra travel time in case of delays. We are pleased that the overall duration of the diversion and traffic impacts will be reduced without any additional impact to trees in the area.”

During construction of the tunnel, northbound buses will still use the Moore Park busway during morning peak periods and southbound buses will operate on Anzac Parade.

The temporary road just east of the existing road will be removed once the construction is completed, and the area restored to its former use including the replanting of trees. The faster construction enabled by this plan will not mean extra tree removal beyond those previously required and outlined in planning approvals. All necessary tree removal for this part of the project has already occurred. 

The new 12-kilometre CBD and South East Light Rail will link Circular Quay with Randwick and Kingsford via George Street and Central. The light rail tunnel under Anzac Parade will provide a direct link for the service between Central Station and sporting and entertainment precinct at Moore Park.

Major construction began in October 2015 and services will begin operating in 2019.